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List of Workshops



WS-01 - Approaches to working together for a seed strategy rooted in ethical space

Join us to discuss building a seed network within an ethical and safe space framework. We will discuss approaches to building an ethical seed network, opportunities and barriers to scaling up healthy habitat, and our path forward.

Minimum 10 maximum 30
Lead organizer Amy Hall, Carolinian Canada Coalition

WS-02 - Developing a Collaborative Framework for a National Native Seed Strategy (NNSS)

In this workshop, we will discuss priority issues to be considered for a National Native Seed Strategy (NNSS) for Canada such as: strategy development, barriers faced by native seed growers, what is needed to increase the capacity of native plant growers, ways to broaden support for a seed strategy, and recommendations for how to frame it.

Minimum 10 maximum 30
Lead organizer Tracey Etwell, Canadian Wildlife Federation

WS-03 - High school students at Charles P. Allen High School take charge--Reclaiming habitat by reintroducing native species through the development of a campus meadow

An interactive session between Charles P. Allen High School student leaders and participants on the journey taken by the CPA's Better With Bees club as they share the documented transformation of a high school campus from expansive lawn to a sustainable urban meadow.

Minimum 10 maximum 30
Lead organizer Christopher Hall, Charles P. Allen High School

WS-04 - Mapping Wetland Carbon Stocks II: Estimating and Upscaling Carbon Stocks

Minimum 10 maximum 30
Lead organizer Michelle Garneau,

WS-05 - Natural Climate Solutions in Canada and challenges restoring to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: wetland restoration and woodland thinning

Canadian federal government staff will lead a facilitated discussion and breakout groups to address key scientific, policy, regulatory, and funding mechanisms to address Natural Climate Solution problems with wetland and open woodland restoration for greenhouse gas reduction.

Minimum 10 maximum 30
Lead organizer Darcy Henderson, Environment and Climate Change Canada

WC-06 - Scaling Up Ecologically-Appropriate Seed Supply in Canada 2.0: Two-Eyed Solutions Towards 2030

This workshop will follow up and seek input on next steps for two major initiatives by Canada's National Tree Seed Centre, 1) results from a 2021-2022 National Native Seed Supply Assessment and 2) stories heard from a cross-Canada Indigenous Seed Collection Program road trip.

Minimum 10 maximum 30
Lead organizer Donnie McPhee. Natural Resources Canada

WC-07 - Bridging restoration science and practice - A “toolkit” workshop targeting the feedback of restoration practitioners

The workshop for the elaboration of the Toolkit for Restoration Knowledge (TReK) aims at the development of an interactive practical tool to support well-informed decisions on ecological restoration planning and execution. This tool aims at connecting restoration scientists and practitioners for the development and systematic implementation of evidence-based restoration.

Minimum 10 maximum 30
Lead organizer Nancy Shackelford, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria